Playing in the Dirt – Trail Building and Maintenance

We all love riding. Well, I’m assuming most people reading this little post love riding – but the trails come from somewhere. Blood, sweat and tears go into building your favourite jumps and lines.

There is power in creation, and mastering your own features; but that isn’t the only facet, there is trail maintenance, too.

The earth loves to reclaim itself – and it takes a surprisingly little amount of time for trails to disappear back from whence they came. Trees fall, brush grows in, and creeks form down steep lines.

If you haven’t gone out and worked on your local trails, give it a try. Not only is it a great way to spend a beautiful day, but it’s a chance to give back and make sure that mountain biking continues to thrive.

Medical-Cross-Symbol Safety Tip: Don’t hit things that you’ve never looked at first. It is your responsibility to decide what your own comfort level is and if a feature is safe to hit.


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