Guest Coach for Okanagan Bike Skills

As it turns out – blogging has been more of a challenge for me than I had anticipated. I have always enjoyed writing poetry but it turns out that keeping things verbose and interesting at the same time is somewhat of a talent.

My real job has been keeping me busy this month so I haven’t spent as much time training as I would like – but I’ve still been having a ton of fun with my Sprockids group…

Annnnd, through that connection in a roundabout way – I met Julie from Okanagan Bike Skills. I’m spending 4 weeks guest coaching for her and the first session was really fun. It is always so rewarding for me to see bike beginners getting out there and building confidence with their skills.

Julie is super chill and very professional. Even though we graduated from the same program it is always cool to see how other coaches approach teaching and riding.

Check out Okanagan Bike Skills here!

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