Fox Fridays at Silver Star Resort

AKA – Lets do this some more!


Fox Fridays are a series of races, with four in total. Just like a regular series, the overall winner is the rider with the most points at the end of the races.

I was pretty excited for the advent of the first toonie race at Silver Star – especially because there was an extra twist to this race with a chainless category. The race was setup on a section of Super Star, which is a pretty fun and flowy trail. I registered early for this, because Silver Star was on storm warning and I wanted to be sure to get up the lift as soon as I could. Mother nature wasn’t being very accommodating for the first race, so the turnout wasn’t too amazing, but a few hardy racers showed up for some fun. It started to rain shortly before I got my first lap in, and I didn’t even stop at the finish line – I just headed straight down to the lift to get my chainless run in.

By the time I got back to the starting line it was raining pretty heavily, and I had to take cover under the race tent to pop my chain off (then I lost it…). At this point it just started pouring – by the time I got to the finish line I was completely and utterly drenched. My five-ten impacts were actually like little buckets of water on my feet and I was squelching as I walked. There was one other girl in the race, but sadly the thunderstorm shut down the lifts before she got to do her race run; because of the lifts closing down, Silver Star awarded the same points to the racers who got to race and the racers that were registered – regardless of placement.


The weather and turnout for this race was much better (5 girls this time!). I find it nice to enter the smaller, low pressure races – it’s good practice on settling my nerves for some of the bigger ones. We raced down LTG, which is a blue tech trail, and I was just kind of taking it easy and trying to find some fun lines and ways to pop over the root sections. I took a first place finish and got a snappy yellow, orange and red Fox jersey. (Yay – it matches my Nugget!) The trail difficulties are progressing as we go, I’m excited for the next one!