BC Cups #4 & 5, Kicking Horse and Silver Star Bike Park

AKA – I waited too long to write this post.

Kicking Horse

I know that it’s no excuse but this summer has been crazy and I didn’t make up a draft after this race so I can’t remember a whole lot about it. It was steep, and it was rocky, and the drop that intimidated me last year didn’t scare me this year.

Silver Star

My home race is always my favorite, because I’m the least stressed. I don’t have to worry about camping or packing anything, or the pets, or travel. I’ve spent a lot of time coaching this year, so I didn’t get to practice the race course as much as I would have liked. One thing that has been new to me this year though, is coaching others down the course. A few ladies and some kids in my Challenger camp were keen to go ride it with me, so that really gave me a good opportunity to look at lines differently. A couple things were new this year, the build team added in a neat drop near the top, and the rock garden from Dag’s into the course. I ended up catching my pedal in the rock garden during my race run, and came to a complete stop with my nose nearly on my front tire, but I didn’t crash. Thank goodness for small graces!

Just like Whistler, I was again alone in my category. I’m not sure why this year has been so bad for women’s DH racing (other than the few people I know that are out with injuries). Maybe the rising popularity of Enduro has something to do with it.

BC is burning 🙁