BC Cup #6, Fernie Finals & Series Overall Winner

AKA – The most amazing end ever!

Day 1 – Practice

An accident on the #1 Highway made the drive out to Fernie terribly long. We spent an extra four hours on the road, pulling into the resort very late Friday night. I was exhausted enough that I got a pretty good sleep, even though the truck was on a bit of an angle. Health-wise, I was feeling extremely under the weather and had considered skipping this race. In the end, I just decided to make an appearance – I’m really glad that I did.

Fernie was such a beautiful location. The weather was very warm and dry, making the trail dusty. The top was alright, but keeping speed through the end section was a bit of a challenge.


I really focused on pulling together my previous takeaways during this race. I looked at all my lines early in the day, and abandoned ones that didn’t work well instead of trying to perfect them. One section I struggled with a bit was a road gap that went into a short jump (so you had to brake coming into it) that then went into a flat corner. I slid out pretty good the first time and took out a sign. The only damage was a mouth full of dirt though, thankfully I made it through this race without any major injuries.

Day 2 – Race Day

The dusty dryness of the trail actually made it change quite a lot during the course of the weekend, and my start time was two hours into racing, so I wasn’t quite sure what the trail would look like. Since it was the final race, some of my earlier nervousness came back when my time came up.  I made an error early on in the race, but it didn’t result in a crash, I was worried that it would set my time back quite a lot though. I tried to pedal extra hard through the bottom section to make up for it, but I mean, I think I would have been going that fast anyway. It’s hard to tell how fast you’re actually going sometimes. For me, anyway, perception doesn’t always match up with reality depending on what sort of mindset I’m in.


I ended up with first place, though, so I guess I did alright!


The best part of the entire day wasn’t winning the race though. Dunbar held a draw for the participants who had attended all the races. I ended up with a brand new bike frame from Intense (it’s ORANGE). This basically made the entire season worth it! I’m extremely thankful for all the hard work that was put into these events, and this beautiful frame.


BC Cup Season Win

Going back to why I was glad that I showed up at this race… the points I got at this event made it possible for me to take the overall win. I know that had some other ladies been able to make it to all the races, that may not have happened, but I’m still proud of my accomplishments this year. I’ve come a long way and learned a fantastic amount about racing, pushing myself (and not pushing myself!), as well as riding in general. One of the biggest reasons that I wanted to do this was to improve my coaching, and be able to tell others about the experience, as well as introduce others to racing. I feel like I can do that now. Another thing that wasn’t entirely anticipated, but highly appreciated, was meeting so many inspirational people. From the other racers to the event organizers, lots of people are just out there giving it their best.


Personal Change Takeaways:

Keep in mind that these are my personal takeaways for myself. The nice thing about biking in particular is that different things work for different people. These are just some things I’m going to try differently or focus on more in my next adventure.

  • Watch for new lines as they appear on the trail.
  • Stop a little more and watch people ride some sections.
Tired and ready to go home!
Tired and ready to go home!
I’m Sad it’s over!