BC Cup #2, Sun Peaks Bike Park & Provincial Champs

AKA – I’ll always love Sun Peaks

Day 1 – Practice

Headed out first thing in the morning and ran into some crazy smog in Kamloops on the way out. The smoke was bad everywhere, but I think Kamloops always takes the cake. I was a little worried about having to race in it, but it wasn’t overly bad up at Sun Peaks. The course was loose and blown out (like everywhere), but I was feeling pretty comfortable with it from last year. I attempted to really examine the lines here – because this course is so long, there are a lot of little places where you can save time. No crashes, and I wasn’t feeling particularly stressed about the race at all.

Day 2 – Race Day

Finally got to try our new Yakima rooftop tent in a real camping setting (we slept in it once in the yard because it was too hard not to!) Have to say, totally amazingsauce. So much easier than a traditional camping tent but it still has that nice rugged outdoorsy feeling. I only did one practice run because I was feeling fairly confident and I wanted to conserve my energy for the long run.

This course is mostly about knowing where to push it. I tried to do just that and was happy with a first place Masters result, ending up solidly above average in the overall women’s times.

Photo: Jackson Parker @clear.glass.media
Dust is the theme of the Summer